A thorough evaluation of the existing Commerzbank app was conducted, analyzing its interface, usability, and adherence to best practices. Feedback from customers during research provided insights into their preferences, pain points, and expectations.

Competitor analysis was also conducted to gather insights on innovative features and industry trends for benchmarking.

By leveraging competitor analysis and industry research, we were able to align the mobile application with industry standards, improved the flow. The key learning from this challenge was the importance of thoroughly understanding the target market and adapting design strategies accordingly.

All the features included in the mobile are already what commerzbank offer, but didn't implement or prioritise well in the app. It's now been prioritised for customer to have access to it seamlessly.

The major challenge and key learning was; it is hard to design for market you don't fully understand and hard to access. That was the only major challenge. But the outcome wasn't far from what the competitors was using as edge.

Through a combination of heuristic evaluation, user research, and strategic design decisions, the user experience of Commerzbank's mobile application was significantly enhanced. By addressing pain points, simplifying flows, and improving feature visibility, the application now enables customers to perform their regular banking transactions in a lean and engaging manner.

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