The goal is to enable commerzbank customers perform their regular banking transactions in a lean and engaging way with commerzbank mobile application. First, I delve to heuristic evaluation of the current Commerz app.

After taking a look at what their user base have to say about the Commerz current app and also doing heuristic evaluation, I put together what needs to be improve based on this and started sketching.

The login screen is re-evaluated and chat supports was included to save users time — Research back it that customer don't enjoy any single bit of having to take a long queue on wanting to speak to customer care, the wasting time of it is what throws people off.

The app warranted a simplication of flows and an overlook of the home to best suit their users daily needs.

All the features included in the mobile are already what commerzbank offer, but didn't implement or prioritise well in the app for some reason — but not sure what the reason are. It's now been prioritised for customer to have access to quickly.

The major challenge and key learning was; it is hard to design for market you don't fully understand and hard to access. That was the only major challenge. But the outcome wasn't far from what the competitors was using as edge.

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