To best solve these challenge I went out and talked to people who uses digital banking apps already. I first try as much to understand the competitors in the space and how they are currently tackling all the challenges, what their customers have to say about their approach and the service quality overall.

After research and synthesizing, I did more desk researched and talk to people that fit our target audience to best understand their needs so I can tailored the product experience accordingly.

I sketch and tested the design with the team, asking for random feedback and sort loopholes that might emerge in the flow. After this I proceed to curating highfidelity designs

I tested specific wireframe, and flows with some of my friends and the people in my team to validate the design. The UI had a major backlash because it is unconventional. Feedback warranted further simplification of user flows and more clarification of the design. Overall there where lot's of questions and stuff in the iteration backlog when I am done with the testing.

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